Spirituality and Social Work

The entirety of the work created by Father Airton Freire is called Obras da Terra. This work has an eminently social side, constituted by the Fundação Terra and the Associação dos Servos de Deus (Association of Servants of God); and an eminently spiritual side constituted by the Instituto dos Servos de Deus (Institute of the Servants of God) and Instituto Padre Airton (IPA). The Instituto dos Servos de Deus constitutes the Comunidade de Vida (Community of Life), which consists of servants that are resident of the community of the religious institute; and the Comunidade de Aliança (Grupos da Terra) which consists of lay members with or without consecrated life.

The Instituto Padre Airton (IPA) is a legal and civilly constituted organ that represents, in both spiritual and social dimensions, the Grupos da Terra in a State where they are present. Both the Fundação Terra and the IPAs have their own legal identities.

The Grupos da Terra find in the projects of the Fundação Terra the space to act in favor of the poor. The Grupos da Terra, which are prayer groups, also develop social works in the cities where they are present.
Principles: Transparency, collegiality and efficiency.
Motto: On earth to serve.
Mystique: To serve Christ, the poor, servant and humble.